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Hair Weaving in Delhi

hair weaving in delhi

Hair Weaving treatments are now getting more and more popular in India. We at Nile hair and Skincare offer Complete Hair Weaving Services to various clients in Delhi. We are the leader in providing Men’s Hair Weaving that is Cost Effective.

Hair is one of the most important assets for both men and women and people are quite conscious about the peculiarities in length, thickness, and style of their hairs.

Nowadays, in Delhi, Capital City of India lots of people irrespective of their gender is losing hair, leading to several hair loss problems and eventually baldness. Hair Weaving is a safe and non-surgical way to cover baldness.

Benefits of Hair Weaving in Delhi

Hair Weaving gives anyone the chance to look like a rock star or supermodel, no matter the length of their hair. Hair Weaving also keeps the natural hair healthy and makes the new hair look more realistic and like part of the natural scalp.

  • Hair Weaving Cost in Delhi is lower compared to other Hair Treatment
  • Can be oiled shampooed and combed
  • Low Maintenance
  • Easy to implement ( can be done in 2 hrs)

FAQ’s for Hair Weaving in Delhi

How many packs of hair will I need for a hair weave?

2 packs are required for a hair weaving service for non-ethnic hair 1 pack of hair is needed. If you are purchasing hair via ounces 8 ounces will need to complete a full head.

How long do hair weaves last and how long do they take to install?

Hair weaves last 2 to 3 months and should not be kept in beyond this time to ensure no damage occurs to the natural hair. If the extensions are kept in beyond this time combing out excessive tangles will cause a lot of damage to your natural hair. Hair weaves should not be kept in beyond 3 months preferably 2 months.

Hair weaves take 2 to 3 hours from start to finish. Our hair weaving specialist are braiders as well so the braid down is secure and small and will help your weave last long.

What, we should consult your office again and again after Hair Weaving?
Every 3 months you should consult after Hair Weaving.
What is a Beaded Weave?
In the same way as having a hair weave, the hair weft gets sewn onto a track made using tiny silicone beads, rather than a thin braided plait. The LA Weave offers clients an alternative to the traditional sew-in weave. There are many advantages to having your Beaded Weave fitted – it works on all types of hair and is ideal for those with short and fine hair. The weave sits flat to your scalp and feels weightless. If you don’t like the feel of a braid against your scalp, this method is for you.
Is Hair Weaving permanent?

Even the hair care, washing, revisits to the hair stylist depend on the type of weave being used. The procedure is not a permanent solution and one has to revisit the hair stylist from one to six month’s time.

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by Anonymous on Nile Hair N Skin Care

As I am currently using the system from Nile Hair Care from last 3 years and it has an amazing look & cost-effective solution moreover it looks very natural. They are very cooperative & friendly


by Rohit on Nile Hair N Skin Care

The Hair quality is too good compared to another clinic. Fully Satisfied with the service provided by Nile Hair Care.


by Hashim on Nile Hair N Skin Care

It is really awesome as it looks natural and great service really pretty good for people who are looking for Hair Weaving Treatment.


by Sashi on Nile Hair N Skin Care

I am completely satisfied with the services done in Nile Hair Care and they are extremely professional and talented in his job.


by Aravind on Nile Hair N Skin Care

I have been with them for past 3 to 4 years. The work and service which I got from Hair Again was amazing. Moreover, the amount which they charge for the service is very affordable as well. I will for sure, will recommend this to my friends too.


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Hair Weaving , Hair Bonding or Hair Silicon System (Also Known as Hair Fixing or Non Surgical hair replacement / Non Surgical hair transplantations) is the best solution to cure the partial baldness.

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